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Ghaz_ranka a posted Nov 28, 13

 Must Download The Mod-Pack To Join The Server!!!

(Admin) Ghaz_ranka Skype: g1r_productions

Server Ip: G1RWarCraft.PlayAt.CH

G1R Warcraft is a modded mmorpg style server with 4 classes and 7 unique skills. An overall leveling system which determines how much health and how powerful of gear you can wear. Each class has unique abilities and can use only certain weapons and armor which match their play style. A wide range of unique monsters with custom drops which can either be used to level up your skills or be sold for money. After acquiring a large sum of coins you can buy property or farm land to build upon or even form a guild and build a large guild hall with your friends. Once you are built up enough you can wage wars on other guilds and try to destroy their base.

Post on forums to apply for white-list or else you wont be able to get on the server

Server Wiki & FAQ: http://g1rwarcraft.wikidot.com/

Download the Mod-Pack Here:



If you experience any lag or random force closing of minecraft:

Please Install Java 8 JRE to use the Mod-Pack: Here

Technic Installation Video:

Featured Video Of The Day:

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